Wynyard Yacht Club

Source image: Wynyard Yacht Club FB

Our new yacht club/ multi purpose water craft and community site. The old club came down last week, and the new club is operational. Their resident tenant, BigHaRT have created The Watershed, a space that will be creating community connections through a variety of creatively inspired programs. Check out their website and social media pages for the latest on what is happening when. And of course- we are just over the river for all your accommodation needs!

Cyndia Hilliger

Head Honcho Waterfront Wynyard Accommodation Precinct Lover of music, vinyl records, retro anything, old motels and psychological study. Love travelling, quirky people and eating amazing food. Seeking the world's best hot chocolate fudge Sunday recipe. Get your people to talk to my people if you find it. Ultimately, I'm still wondering what Willis was 'talkin' 'bout'.
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